How To Set Up A Projector In Your Home?

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Setting up a projector in your home can be a cheaper option compared to buying a home theatre set–up, but do note that the process of installation is different too. That said, if you do some research into the brand you want to buy, and review the layout of your home (what setup would provide the best viewing?), it is pretty straight–forward. 

  • First: A quirky budget option 

I’ve seen lately that some people use their phones to watch movies – on Netflix and such. This is super convenient, but it can be hard to hold your phone for two hours! If you want to be able to watch a movie from bed on your phone – there are some awesome phone accessories you can use, to put your phone on your nightstand. My personal favourite is the popsocket. It makes it easy to hold your phone in your hand, but you can also use it as a stand on your bedside table. No more dropping your phone on your face! 

  • Pick the right location 

The first obvious step after you get a projector and a screen is to figure out where you are going to install it in your home. The typical screen size from the projector varies between 50 to 60 inches minimum. The bigger ones can be as big as 300 inches when measured diagonally. That’s huge! You must choose the viewing distance and the viewing surface with respect to the screen size. The bigger the screen size, the further back will the projector has to be placed. Note that: it’s important!

  • Set up a screen

Although this is not a necessary step, a screen can enable you to have a uniform image and they also amplify it to the maximum brightness. Screens are available for lower costs as well, and setting them up is almost no effort. 

  • Get to the right height of the viewing 

You need to figure out the right height where your projector will be mounted. It has to be decided on the basis of the screen size and also on the viewing angle. If you have a projector mounted right in front of where you sit (on a stool or something), it may disrupt the viewing if the height of the screen is not high enough. Ceiling mounting is the best option, but it will involve higher costs and more efforts. 

  • Plug everything and switch the projector on 

This is the time to set up the power connections and cables. You will have to fix the main power cables and the HDMI cable between the source and projector. Make sure that you do not make the overall thing messy by using a lot of wires, it is better to use harness or wire – piping so that it looks neat overall. Once you have plugged everything in, switch on the projector to see how the image appears on the screen or wall. 

  • Project the image alignment for adjustment 

Some projectors have this as a built-in feature. Basically it’s where a reference still pattern is shown, from which you can align the orientation of the projector. You could either use a set–up disc or download the image from the internet if it does not come with the projector. You could also use a video that is paused from the TV, but it is not ideal.

  • Adjust the projected image 

You need to ensure that the lens is clean, the projector is on a still stand and is almost perpendicular to the screen. You can also use the zoom function in order to align the image properly. Keep adjusting the focus until you find that the images at the corners are also sharp. It is ideal to have the projected image fill – up the entire screen, that will provide the best viewing experience. 

  • Select the right picture mode

Like the televisions, there are other picture modes as well for projectors and you can adjust the mode depending on the lighting in the room. You can also use “game mode” available in some projectors, from which there will be lesser input lag due to the high-speed nature of the game. You can also spend a few bucks on a quality Bluetooth speaker system if you want to have a real cinema-style experience.

These are the various steps to set up a projector in your home. Enjoy the new experience!

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Using technology to create art

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Is there a relationship between technology and art? Technology plays a huge role in the form of life and art. Technology is huge in our lives and as it continues to grow, we find we are using it more and more in our everyday lives. There are many ways that technology is advancing and having several impacts on the art industry.

Using tech as a tool for digital art

Anytime a potential way to create art comes along artists who are already into it exploring how they can use it for their creating. Technology offers different ways to create art and there is no shyness when it comes to seeing what it is capable of. Digital art is growing and becoming more popular. Artists use technology to create innovative work. One artist uses stained glass-like pieces, just by using last cut papers and piles of paper then uses a laser in order to cut different designs out. Look at some of the best boutique hotels in Hobart – they have some amazing art and tech. 

 in luxury hotels in Hobart, you'll find art on the walls.

Is technology the art?

Technology is basically an art itself. There is a showcase that has layers that are the actual art. You walk through different coloured laser beams that create drawings and structures with the light. When worked together the shapes become less complex and fragile. This is a way to show that technology has been incorporated in the art world.

The art industry seems to be an exclusive club. If you are new to the scene then getting your pieces into art galleries can be a challenge. If you are not well off financially then you may find buying art difficult.  

Tech allows you to better enjoy the artwork

We are seeing many more galleries and museums using such technology to help beginners learn about art. Galleries can now act as a virtual art tour guide. With videos, audio tours, interactive maps and plenty more. An app Smartify allows you to scan all different pieces of art in order to gain information about it.

In museums the video works are subtitles so there is no distraction to the other visitors. Another example: in luxury hotels in Hobart, you’ll find art on the walls. This can then be further examined with the help of technology such as apps. Some even play videos that let go of sound waves that cannot be heard by humans. The app on your device will pick the sound waves up and then once you sound is on you can hear the sound. 

Tech offers assistance in how we are experiencing art

Galleries can now use tech to learn about people and how they experience art. Things like neuroscientists use brain science to enhance the setup of art exhibits.
monitoring technology and analysing how we move through each exhibit and then gather each person’s data information like heart rate and eye movement due to them being measured for your emotional response. As art and society are evolving around each other and the technology is growing within both. It seems to be just a matter of time before we see how technology is creating more art in the future. From digital art to just using tech to display your art technology is growing, therefore, the art industry and art creations will be growing with it.


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The Best Cities For Artists In Australia

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The Regional Australian Institute has conducted some research and found that the most creative cities (perfect for artists) are:

  • Byron Bay, NSW
  • Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara, SA
  • Hobart, TAS
  • Surf Coast, VIC
  • Gold Coast, QLD

The top regional hotspots were based on the number of people employed in creative industries and that most of these places have high numbers for visitors in art galleries. The only part now is just finding out what the tipping point is from where a certain place shifts from what is a little country point town to a more alive regional centre.

If we start with Tasmania, it’s famous for its waterfront accommodation, and the annual arts & music festival Dark Mofo. Ever since the museum of new art (MONA) opened in 2011, artists and art-enthusiasts have come from all over the world to enjoy the exhibitions. A popular choice is to book a hotel package in Hobart and enjoy a weekend of culture and food.

waterfront accommodation

Benalla is famous in the sense of the art industry and located around 200 km from Melbourne coming off the highway to Sydney is a colourful gallery of painted walls. the result of this is a bright and colourful collection of art that has turned the town into what is described as an open-air gallery.

There are a few places that don’t top the list that should be visited by artists and one is Winton Wetlands it was once an artificial dam which was then demolished and was left with dead trees and dusty plains. In 2016 Guido Van Helten stood at a small concrete water tank that he had painted on. The picture was very emotional it was an old man, eyes closed and wrinkled skin around a smile and it was intriguing to wonder what the man in the portrait was thinking. People couldn’t understand why he would paint in the middle of nowhere when he could be painting billboards all in the comfort of a city. He simply stated he liked the effect his art had on the people way out there, it seemed to touch them more deeply. It really is a work of art with a strong emotional vibe that must be experienced by all artists.

Melbourne is a large city known for its nightlife, and the art you find everywhere around from footpaths, fences and even buildings. Victoria boasts a huge silo art theme. There are several silos that artists have painted on again like above Guido captured the world’s attention by painting on a huge silo a picture of four farmers again, very in-depth artistic work.
The Bendigo Art Gallery is known for its huge staging of fashion exhibitions and has hosted many like Marilyn Monroe and princess grace of Monaco.

Art used to be a conservative experience, but it seems to have dramatically changed in small regions like Victoria in Australia. With the creative energy of the cities, we are seeing more and more cutting-edge cultural areas. Regional galleries are being revitalised with new adventurous creative work from the common urban streets of the cities among Australia.

Get in touch with local art centres and groups where you can gather more information about what is happening in and around the cities of Australia where artists from all around can take in the beautiful and unique art collections and get to know the famous artists in the area in the meantime. What could be better?

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Tips on Designing a Movie Like Coastal Home

coastal front home

Some will argue that coastal style should be left to homes situated to the beachside, Mediterranean villas and tropical cottages. Coastal home interiors can work no matter where you are in the world as long as you style it correctly. Beachy homes may make you think of the sun and sand vibes with a light and breezy tone with natural, flowing paint throughout. Coastal designs work best when you set the mood right rather than slapping people in the face with the beach scene. There are many ways you can incorporate beach vibes into your home, but this doesn’t mean you need to grab every item that has a beach feel, every single shell you find or hang a billion oars in your home. Remember you don’t want to overkill. You want a subtle beach feel that is relaxing and comfortable not something that is cluttered and completely overdone.

You need an abundance of light

Light is one of the most critical elements when it comes to styling and incorporating coastal furniture. Beach homes should not feel cramped or be dimly lit. Hang white flowing curtains on all the rooms of your house and keep them open to let in as much light and sun as you can. Keep furniture within a neutral colour so that the natural light can bounce off it, rather than soaking it up as dark colours tend to do, use clean, crisp tones instead. When it comes to using fabrics inside a coastal home you then need to be thinking along the lines of cotton, muslin materials and floating sheets and move around with the breeze. Pure white is a favourite colour along with simple stripes and washed out pastels. People tend to think any shade of blue can be incorporated in styling beachy themes; however, bright blues and dark blues should not be on the list. You want to look for very light blue shades.

Using pale neutrals

Now the key to a coastal palette is white. Crisp white used in rooms gives off simplicity and purity. If you want a different look, you can try layering creams and beiges to step away from the open one-dimensional look. For your paint finish, you want to be going for something with a more matt finish instead of shiny and glittery. Chalk paints work well for coastal painting. 
A runner up coastal colour that you can get away with is barely-there blue. This colour works well for bathrooms and living rooms.

Casual furniture

So, you most likely won’t be flopping onto a nice velvet couch in your wet suit and sandy thongs.  When it comes to coastal furniture sticking to slip-covers, wicker furniture and wood tables work well and is very functional for those who live on the beach line.
 This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on the elegance side of things there are plenty of high-style furniture pieces available that can handle the wear and tear of salty beach air, sandy shoes and damp clothing.


Once your furniture, colour scheme, design layout and complete look is complete and you are happy, place some of your favourite scented candles around the house. You may also like adding in fresh flowers, or some small indoor plants to ensure your home feels fresh. These final touches can add some real warmth to your home, and the plus side is, your home will always be smelling beautiful. No matter where you are in the world you to can enjoy the coastal styles in your home with accessories, wall paint and the furniture you use. From a few changes, you can enjoy your little beachfront oasis right in your own home while feeling like you’re sitting on the set of a romantic coastal movie.

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A flawless beach ready skin just like a celebrity

sea sunny person beach

Rather than freaking out about baring your skin for your very first beach trip of the year, start acting on it. Wonder how your favourite celebrity flaunts their effortless skin on screen and manage to maintain the looks? A continuous process of maintenance and efficient skin care routine follows for every on-screen celebrity glow. These subsequent pre-beach skincare strategies for every single body dilemma will have you feeling confident in almost no time.

Beach-Ready Skin Care

When you think of a beach body or getting ready for the beach time, you would often direct your attention towards an individual’s physique. While that’s certainly a part of having “beach-ready body” we can’t forgo the significance of flawless skin.There is nothing better than walking across the beach sands with a gorgeous skin which appears to glow. If you are searching to attain glowing skin without needing to employ a lot of baby oil, then you are going to enjoy these five beauty ideas to receive your beach complimenting skin prepared.


For luminous and smooth skin, exfoliation becomes key. Body lotions, help eliminate the dead layers of skin which may be useful at times. Products which exfoliate are not only for face skin, so don’t hesitate to use it to other areas of your body. You ought to be exfoliating regularly to attain polished outcomes. Since products which exfoliate tend to function best with moisture, consider using it regularly, specifically after a shower. A monthly facial cleanse to revive your skin glow is now being commonly followed as a skin routine by many men and women out there.


Moisturizing is a significant step to maintain a radiant and perfect textured skin. You ought to apply a moisturiser on a daily basis to get the best outcomes. The objective is not just to apply cream for moisturization, but to drink a considerable quantity of water and constantly keeping yourself hydrated. Your skin has to be hydrated from the inside out and while cream might make it look perfect for a couple of minutes, water is what finally causes the glowing results.


Whether you are wearing a 1 piece, bikini, or even a tankini, you are likely to need to take out the hair from your body, so you can show off your skin. Even though there are lots of ways of removing hair from the body, a lot of women find that waxing functions best. It eliminates the stubble which might be present and gives the skin a shiny finish.


If your skin appears to be somewhat light, like you have spent a greater part of winters indoors, then you might choose to bring a little bit of colour to your skin prior to hitting the beach. As opposed to the possibility of burning skin by tanning in the garden, you can choose to get a spray tan from a salon. Spray Tans provide your skin a direct glow! In case of spots noticed on your skin due to extreme exposure to sunlight and heat, one can overcome this issue through various methods and techniques. The most suggested process recommended by top professionals would be the IPL treatment (intense pulsed light) for sun damaged skin, which serves to reduce the pigmentation reduction of spots.


You would want to begin wearing the correct protection for your skin. Though many feels that sunscreens are just to be utilized throughout the summertime, the sun is about all year. You may still be exposed to sunburns and skin cancer possibilities through the winter. To give your skin a fighting chance in the components that lie ahead, it’s ideal to begin wearing sunscreen. You can buy moisturize rs as well as makeup which has SPF 15, 30, or even higher to provide you with the protection you require daily.

Take your cleansing seriously

SPF products may obstruct the pores, and thus don’t forget about your cleansing regimen whilst on vacation too. A balm cleaner can dissolve all traces of SPF and soothe skin with anti- inflammatory omega oils.

Possessing a skin restoration protection Program

Avoiding any sort of burn is clearly the priority, therefore covering ears, feet, hands, back of the neck, any places which may be easily neglected by the SPF should be your very first priority. In the event you do encounter a bit burn, purchasing products which constitutes the soothing anti-inflammatory polyunsaturated oils and vitamin E are the ideal method to begin doing it. These components repair UV damage in cells. Drink a lot of water so that you don’t get dehydrated. This will protect against skin peeling, particularly when blended with omega oil nutritional supplements, since these essential fatty acids can help to keep moisture the skin tissues to avoid dry greasy skin. Start looking for an intense hydrating booster or hyaluronic acid to ease tightness in the epidermis.

Prevent baldness by planning ahead

Recent study found that nearly 66 percent of girls in the study suffered from hair damage brought on by sunlight, and over 26 percent admitted they have undergone sunburn in their scalps. Consider applying Aloe Vera into your scalp that are left to exposure, or cold and soaked chamomile tea bags is also recommended to calm redness.

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