Using technology to create art

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Is there a relationship between technology and art? Technology plays a huge role in the form of life and art. Technology is huge in our lives and as it continues to grow, we find we are using it more and more in our everyday lives. There are many ways that technology is advancing and having several impacts on the art industry.

Using tech as a tool for digital art

Anytime a potential way to create art comes along artists who are already into it exploring how they can use it for their creating. Technology offers different ways to create art and there is no shyness when it comes to seeing what it is capable of. Digital art is growing and becoming more popular. Artists use technology to create innovative work. One artist uses stained glass-like pieces, just by using last cut papers and piles of paper then uses a laser in order to cut different designs out. Look at some of the best boutique hotels in Hobart – they have some amazing art and tech. 

 in luxury hotels in Hobart, you'll find art on the walls.

Is technology the art?

Technology is basically an art itself. There is a showcase that has layers that are the actual art. You walk through different coloured laser beams that create drawings and structures with the light. When worked together the shapes become less complex and fragile. This is a way to show that technology has been incorporated in the art world.

The art industry seems to be an exclusive club. If you are new to the scene then getting your pieces into art galleries can be a challenge. If you are not well off financially then you may find buying art difficult.  

Tech allows you to better enjoy the artwork

We are seeing many more galleries and museums using such technology to help beginners learn about art. Galleries can now act as a virtual art tour guide. With videos, audio tours, interactive maps and plenty more. An app Smartify allows you to scan all different pieces of art in order to gain information about it.

In museums the video works are subtitles so there is no distraction to the other visitors. Another example: in luxury hotels in Hobart, you’ll find art on the walls. This can then be further examined with the help of technology such as apps. Some even play videos that let go of sound waves that cannot be heard by humans. The app on your device will pick the sound waves up and then once you sound is on you can hear the sound. 

Tech offers assistance in how we are experiencing art

Galleries can now use tech to learn about people and how they experience art. Things like neuroscientists use brain science to enhance the setup of art exhibits.
monitoring technology and analysing how we move through each exhibit and then gather each person’s data information like heart rate and eye movement due to them being measured for your emotional response. As art and society are evolving around each other and the technology is growing within both. It seems to be just a matter of time before we see how technology is creating more art in the future. From digital art to just using tech to display your art technology is growing, therefore, the art industry and art creations will be growing with it.


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