Tips on Designing a Movie Like Coastal Home

coastal front home

Some will argue that coastal style should be left to homes situated to the beachside, Mediterranean villas and tropical cottages. Coastal home interiors can work no matter where you are in the world as long as you style it correctly. Beachy homes may make you think of the sun and sand vibes with a light and breezy tone with natural, flowing paint throughout. Coastal designs work best when you set the mood right rather than slapping people in the face with the beach scene. There are many ways you can incorporate beach vibes into your home, but this doesn’t mean you need to grab every item that has a beach feel, every single shell you find or hang a billion oars in your home. Remember you don’t want to overkill. You want a subtle beach feel that is relaxing and comfortable not something that is cluttered and completely overdone.

You need an abundance of light

Light is one of the most critical elements when it comes to styling and incorporating coastal furniture. Beach homes should not feel cramped or be dimly lit. Hang white flowing curtains on all the rooms of your house and keep them open to let in as much light and sun as you can. Keep furniture within a neutral colour so that the natural light can bounce off it, rather than soaking it up as dark colours tend to do, use clean, crisp tones instead. When it comes to using fabrics inside a coastal home you then need to be thinking along the lines of cotton, muslin materials and floating sheets and move around with the breeze. Pure white is a favourite colour along with simple stripes and washed out pastels. People tend to think any shade of blue can be incorporated in styling beachy themes; however, bright blues and dark blues should not be on the list. You want to look for very light blue shades.

Using pale neutrals

Now the key to a coastal palette is white. Crisp white used in rooms gives off simplicity and purity. If you want a different look, you can try layering creams and beiges to step away from the open one-dimensional look. For your paint finish, you want to be going for something with a more matt finish instead of shiny and glittery. Chalk paints work well for coastal painting. 
A runner up coastal colour that you can get away with is barely-there blue. This colour works well for bathrooms and living rooms.

Casual furniture

So, you most likely won’t be flopping onto a nice velvet couch in your wet suit and sandy thongs.  When it comes to coastal furniture sticking to slip-covers, wicker furniture and wood tables work well and is very functional for those who live on the beach line.
 This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on the elegance side of things there are plenty of high-style furniture pieces available that can handle the wear and tear of salty beach air, sandy shoes and damp clothing.


Once your furniture, colour scheme, design layout and complete look is complete and you are happy, place some of your favourite scented candles around the house. You may also like adding in fresh flowers, or some small indoor plants to ensure your home feels fresh. These final touches can add some real warmth to your home, and the plus side is, your home will always be smelling beautiful. No matter where you are in the world you to can enjoy the coastal styles in your home with accessories, wall paint and the furniture you use. From a few changes, you can enjoy your little beachfront oasis right in your own home while feeling like you’re sitting on the set of a romantic coastal movie.

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